Trash Bag

İstanbul Plastik ve Ambalaj offers a solution to the problem of plastic waste with its recyclable products that produced for the sake of environmental consciousness. Recyclable trash bag dissolves in nature in 12-24 months without leaving any toxic effect. Çöp TorbasıYou can also make contribution for tomorrows, for children, for nature and for the future by choosing “recyclable” trash bag. Production of trash bag can be done in any dimension, thickness and colour according to requests of the customers.

What Are the Benefits and Savings of Trash Bag?

  • Trash bag is economical because of the materials used in production.
  • Trash bag is practical than any other carriage methods by making it convenient in the area of usage.
  • Trash bags’ durability is high because of the quality material used in their production. No extra cost needed.
  • Trash bag is nature friendly because of the materials used in production.

“Biodegradable (dissolve in nature in 24 months) additives are being used in each product.”

PE Shrink Film Çeşitleri

Shrink kelimesi ingilizce kökenli bir kelime olup, küçülmek, daralmak, sarmak anlamlarına gelmektedir. Ülkemizde naylon shrink film, shrink rulo, shrink naylonu, shrink folyo olarak da adlandırılmaktadır.