PVA Film (Water-soluble Film)

Today, recycling of plastic products made from traditional plastics and the damage made to the environment pose an important problem. We, as İstanbul Plastik, are proud of producing and presenting PVA Film, which is a new and innovative product in package sector as the only producer in Turkey.

PVA Film easily dissolves in water and disappears spontaneously in nature without leaving any waste, sediment and residue due to its biological structure.

PVA Film is a preferred method of packaging and wrapping for health, hygiene and safety purposes in the case of avoiding contact with toxic, chemical products.

The fields of use are very common, yet, it is a product that is open to development. Water-soluble Films (PVA) are used in many sectors such as textile, agriculture, construction, cleaning, detergent and laundry.

Benefits of PVA Film;

  • PVA Film is 100% soluble in contact with water.
  • PVA Film does not leave any waste, sediment and residue; it is eco-friendly.
  • PVA Film does not leave any taste or odor in packaged and wrapped products.
  • PVA Film prevents one-to-one contact with chemical products hazardous to human health; it is safe.
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