PVA Film (Water-soluble Film)

Hijyen Amaçlı (çamaşırhanede) Suda Çözünebilir Film (PVA) Kullanımı

Today, recycling of plastic products and damage to the environment made is a big problem. We, as Istanbul Plastik, experience the pride of producing and presenting PVA Films which is new and innovative product in package sector as the only producer in Turkey.

PVA Film, Due to its biological structure, easily dissolves in water and disappears spontaneously in nature without leaving any waste, sediment and residue.

PVA Film is a preferred method of packaging and wrapping for health, hygiene and safety purposes where it is toxic and avoids contact with chemical products.

The fields of use are very common, but they are open to development.

Water-soluble Films (PVA) are used in many sectors like textile, agriculture, construction, cleaning, detergent and laundry.

Benifits and Savings of PVA Film;

  • PVA Film; 100% soluble in contact with water.
  • PVA Film does not leave any waste, sediment and residue; is nature-friendly.
  • PVA Film never leaves any taste and odour in packaged products.
  • PVA Film prevents contacts of hazardous chemical products on human health, is safe.

The Usage of Water Soluble Film (PVA) in Detergent Packaging

Water Soluble Film (PVA) can be used for packaging Water Soluble cleaning products laundry detergent and dishwasher detergent. Because of its biodegradable and water-soluble feature, PVA Film dissolves in contact with water biologically.

The Usage of Water Soluble Film (PVA) in Laundry

With Water Soluble Film (PVA), hospitals,hostels and in places like that avoide the spread of dirty laundries and microbes in surgical garments by preventing contact by hand.
Water Soluble Film (PVA) has a great feature like chemical resistance, organic solvent, carbohydrates, lipid and lipid resistance (vegetable oil, animal oil etc.)

Water Soluble Film (PVA) with adjustable heat is used for isolating staff from their contacting with infected clothes and equipment in hospitals.

Water Soluble Film (PVA) is an effective way for controlling infection in hospitals. It eliminates traditional solutions like laundry bags, burning and burying. PVA Film dissolves in contact with water in washing machines.

It is a perfect solution for hospital sheets, doctor and patient scrubs that pose a risk. Bag totally dissolves in water through the washing process without affecting and leaving a mark on textile product.

The Usage of Water Soluble Film (PVA) in Dosing

Water Soluble Film (PVA) is used for packaging products like spraying, fertilizer, additives, paints etc. By means of Water Soluble Film (PVA), touching to these materials has been prevented.

Because of its biodegradable and water-soluble feature, PVA Film dissolves in contact with water biologically. It does not leave any residue after dissolution on agricultural products like fertilizer, pesticide, herb, fungicide. Therewithal PVA bag protects staff from touching with its secure package.

The Usage of Water Soluble Film (PVA) in Construction

Water Soluble Film (PVA) is produced in the form of package. Cement which is conserved in Water Soluble package is thrown into cement mixer. It is mixed with water in cement mixer and then cement is made.

Alkaline and acidity regulator elements that are found in cement additives normally can damage operators’ eyes and skins. With this method accurate dosage is gained by directly adding cement into mixer and it’s easy to use.

The Usage of Water Soluble Film (PVA) in Agriculture (Seed Packaging)

Water Soluble Film (PVA) is used for herb’s planting, growing, protecting seeds from bad weather conditions and burying some amount in the ground. Some vegetable seeds (radish, onion, carrot etc.) and any kind of plant and herb

The Usage of Water Soluble Film (PVA) in Fishing (Packabag)

The Usage of Water Soluble Film (PVA) in Fishing (Packabag): has been produced to feed birds without entering their life space and to fix dosage for animals whose feed should be in a particular dosage in a day. From shallow waters to deep waters This Packabag reaches the deepest point of water and dissolves biologically. By combining PVA films, PVA bag is made. PVA bag can be perforated where it is necessary (especially for carp and other fish species)
Usage of PVA is widespread in fishing.

The The Usage of Water Soluble Film (PVA) in Embroidery

PVA Film is used as fixer in course of delicate textile embroidery. PVA Film is placed on the top of textile product to get process stability. This practice is made just once and after giving desired design, product is put on sale without doing any tearing down or cutting.

Water Soluble Film (PVA) leaves no trace on products manufactured in textile firms who made embroidery; cloth does not change its colour. Textile product dissolves biologically underneath the embroidery after washing.

The main advantages of The Usage of Water Soluble Film (PVA) in Embroidery are:

  • PVA Film provides stability on embroidery.
  • PVA Film prevents wrinkles and slips.
  • PVA Film is nature-friendly.
  • PVA film lowers cost of labour through this process.