Industrial Bags

Nylon bags are produced in co-extruder machines as single-layered or multi-layered by using low-high density polyethylene raw material. The raw materials, which are melted by heat treatment and given the consistency of wax, are made into films for production by adjusting the width and thickness in accordance with customer requests and demands, thanks to the molds in co-extruder machines.

These produced films are then kept in cold storages and cooled, given the printing processes such as logo, address, photo printing are made according to advertising, promotional purposes, the features such as length, bellows, drilling, haft, reinforcing, string and lamination are given in accordance with customer requests and demands, prepared for shipping upon the approval of the quality control department.

The plastic packaging materials such as advertisement bags, nylon bags, transparent bags, carrier bags, non-static bags, pallet covers and trash bags are produced eco-friendly on contrary to popular belief. They dissolve in 12-24 months thanks to the technological additives mixed with raw materials in the stage of production.

What are the Benefits of Nylon Bags in Use?

  • Nylon bags and advertisement bags are more economic compared to the other packaging techniques.
  • Pallet covers and trash bags are more durable compared to the other packaging techniques.
  • Nylon bags and transparent bags are more practical and shelf-stable compared to the other packaging techniques.
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Industrial Bags Types

Transparent bag is thinner, shinier and more transparent compared to the other types of bags thanks to the additives used in its production. Transparent bag can contact with food because of its general use in food packaging and wrapping. Thus, it should be taken into consideration so that it is “Hygienic Packaging” in its production. It should be appropriate to Regulation on the Materials and Articles Intended to Come into Contact with Food.

The durability of transparent bags should be as high as to enable carrying liquid material just like storing solid materials. Transparent bags are used in packaging granulated sugar, sugar cubes, breakfast ingredients (cheese, pickles, olives, etc.), dry and wet legumes and various products when needed.

Printing can be done up to 8 colors with Flexo printing technique in transparent bags. Additionally, as İstanbul Plastik Ambalaj, we produce transparent bags in every size, thickness and color in accordance with customer demands.

Carrier bags have high endurance thanks to the materials used in their production. Besides, printing can be done up to 8 different colors with Flexo printing technique in carrier bags.

These bags are used in storage, shipping, transportation of heavy industries, textile, fast moving consumer goods and packaging all kinds of bulk products.

In the field of textile, it is easier to transport products with the use of carrier bags. Carrier bags are produced in different sizes, printed-printless in accordance with customer request.

Non-Static Bag, also known as Antistatic Bag, is specially produced not to have a trouble due to static electric found in package materials on the production line. Thanks to the precise additives prepared by the expert staff employed in laboratories in İstanbul Plastik ve Ambalaj, Non-static Bag neutralizes static electricity and prevents the occurrence of possible static electricity during use of the package material.

Non-static Bags are preferred in transportation of precious metals, in chemical and pharmaceutical industries as well as firms making precise production such as electronic parts.

Pallet cover is generally used by the firms producing construction materials (such as ytong, brick, ceramic, cement). Pallet Cover is given different properties, according to the size and weight of the products to be applied, by using various additives (such as U.V., antifusion, antistatic).

Shrinking operation to pallet cover is made by means of Re-pack gun or automatic ovens.

It is produced in every color, size and thickness according to customer requests and demands.

İstanbul Plastik ve Ambalaj provides a solution to the problem of plastic waste by its recyclable products produced with environmental consciousness. Recyclable trash bag dissolves in nature in 12 to 24 months without leaving any toxic effect. Prefer “recyclable” trash bag and contribute to the future. It is produced in every size, thickness and color according to customer requests and demands.