About Us

İstanbul Plastik ve Ambalaj started its activities in 1997 as a family business. Each partner of the company started working as trained experts in their respective fields.

Having been a workshop producing 700 tons annually in our early years of production, we now succeeded to become a corporate firm that has reached the production capacity of 7000 tons in our 3500 square meter factory with the help of our values which we have compromised. As İstanbul Plastik, we are proud to be a customer-oriented, innovative company keeping up with technology and always breaking new grounds in our country.

As a result of our project, which started in 2011 and had 2 years of R&D activities, we achieved producing PVA, known as water-soluble film. It was a long, costly and weary project for us, yet, succeeding relieved all our weariness at the end. Right after this project, we started R&D activities on the new generation shrink film, which was a brand new product in the world. Upon completing our machinery investment on this project in 2014, we activated this process as well.

As İstanbul Plastik, we believe that success is not a coincidence, rather, success in a business is achieved not only by working hard but also right merchandising, right sales pricing, quality production and on-time delivery.