Carrier Bag

Carrier Bags have a high durability because of the materials used in the course of its production.

Furthermore, printing can be practiced up to 8 colours on carrier bags with flexo printing technology. These bags are used in storage, shipping, carriage that is to say in heavy industry, textile, fast moving consumer goods and packaging all kinds of bulk products.

Shipping of products is easier by the use of carrier bags in textile sector. Carrier bags are produced in different dimensions, printed-unprinted according to requests of the customers.

What Are the Advantages and Savings of Using Transparent Bag?

  • Carrier bags’ durability is high because of the first quality material used in their production. No extra cost needed..
  • Carrier bags are economical because of the materials used in production.
  • Carrier bags are practical than any other carriage methods by making it convenient in the area of usage.
  • Carrier bags are nature friendly because of the materials used in production.

“Biodegradable (dissolve in nature in 24 months) additives are being used in each product.”