Istanbul Plastik ve Ambalaj started its activities as a family company in 1997. Each of the company partners has taken over as an expert trained in their own field.


Shrink films are successfully applied in many sectors such as water, beverage, automotive, food, forest products, cleaning materials and so on.



Our Company’s Development

We have achieved many successes in our manufacturing life that has been going on since 1997 and we are continuing. What have we done during this time?

Once We Covered the World with Shrink
Tons of Annual Production
Active Customer
Different Product

Production & Quality with INNOVATION

Our R&D Team always aims for the highest quality product with its high-tech production line.

Quick Response to Customer Service with INNOVATION

The products you order are delivered to you in accordance with the quality and deadline conditions.

High Quality in Production with INNOVATION

Production and quality assurance activities are carried out for the production of quality products at every step, including pre-production, during-production and post-production controls.

Unconditional Customer Satisfaction with INNOVATION

Continuously improving the effectiveness and efficiency of production and supply quality by targeting customer satisfaction forms the basis of our production and quality assurance organization.

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